Ruff Life Charities is a 501C3 and our mission is

to provide the essentials and care needed

for rescue dogs in Manatee County Florida

so that they can stay safe, healthy and happy

with there new family. 

When I started this charity in SC it was to "Pay it Forward" from my own experience with Jack's  surgery.  There was a definite need in our community for a charity that was helping people financially with emergency situations, surgeries and injuries with rescue dogs.

It's a new beginning for us!  

In October 2017, we are moving to a new location on Old Main Street in Bradenton, FL. This site will act as a donation center for dog food, towels, blankets and fundraising for our causes.  Having our mission and location in Manatee County, it will help bring awareness to the needs of our county and community.  

We will be helping as many dogs in Manatee County with medical's a new beginning for everyone!

We are an approved 501C3 non-profit charity from the IRS,

all donations are tax deductible!