why staRT A CHARITY?

Our mission as we grow will be to help our community and "Pay it Forward" with as much support we can provide for our pets.  As hurricane season comes upon us and we are waiting to see how Irma and Jose effects our local community, we know that we can help.  All donations will go towards hurricane victim and pets in Florida.  We will be taking food and supplies at our location in Bradenton.

When a new friend decided to help me raise the money to save him, my first reaction was "why would somebody do that for me?".  I had just moved to SC a year before and didn't know that many people

That friend did raise the money to help Jack and I and I vowed at the moment that I would never forget the unconditional love I received from perfect strangers...it was time to "Pay it Forward"!


It all started in 2007 when I decided to rescue a dog who was found on the side of the road in Bamberg, SC. 

When Jack got hurt as a 6 month year old puppy and he needed emergency surgery, I didn't have the money to save him and I was out of options.